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  Judge Reports

Judges should send their show reports to judgereports@gmail.com for publication on this website. In the absence of an electronic copy, please post hard copy to:

GCCF Show Reports, 43 Grymsdyke, Prestwood, Gt Missenden, Bucks. HP16 0LP

Some judges have set up websites of their own to publish their own show reports and links to these can be found here.

A huge thank you to all the volunteer Show Reporters who send in results for the shows week after week.
15.12.2012 Maidstone & Medway Cat Club
West of Scotland Cat Club
08.12.2012 Black, Red Self & Tortoiseshell Cat Club, Tortie & White & Bicolour Cat Club
North of Britain Long Hair & Semi LH Cat Club
The National Cat Club
Trans Pennine Oriental & Siamese Cat Club
24.11.2012 Supreme Cat Show
10.11.2012 Cheshire Area Cat Club
04.11.2012 Red Cream & Tortie Society

Birman Cat Club
Blue Persian Cat Soicety
Chincilla, Silver Tabby & Smoke Cat Society
Colourpointed British Shorthair Cat Club
Rex Cat Club
Rex Cat Association
Sphynx Cat Association
Siamese Cat Club
Ulster Siamese & All Breeds Cat Club

27.10.2012 British Shorthair Cat Club
Caledonian Long Haired Cat Club
Tonkinese Breed Club
Yorkshire County Cat Club
21.10.2012 Siamese & All Breeds Cat Club of Ireland
20.10.2012 Colourpoint, Rex-Coated & AOV Club
Kentish Cat Society
13.10.2012 Caesarea Cat Club
Cambria Cat Club
Cumberland Cat Club
06.10.2012 Egyptian Mau Club
Long Haired & Semi Long Haired Cat Club
Maine Coon Breed Society
Norsk Skogkatt Society
Russian Blue Breeders Association
Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club
Selkirk Rex Cat Club
Tabby Cat Club
Turkish Van Cat Club
29.09.2012 North West Cat Club
Tabby Point Siamese & Progressive Breeders Cat Club
23.09.2012 Cork Cat Club
22.09.2012 South Western Counties Cat Club

Bucks Oxon & Berks Cat Society
East Sussex Cat Club
Scotia Cat Fanciers

09.09.2012 Southern & South Western Birman Cat Club
08.09.2012 Wyvern Cat Club
01.09.2012 Erin Cat Club
Manchester & District Cat Club
25.08.2012 Teesside Cat Club
West of England & South Wales Cat Society
18.08.2012 Chocolate Pointed Siamese Cat Club
Lilac Point Siamese Cat Society
Three Counties Cat Society
11.08.2012 Chester & North Wales Cat Club
04.08.12 Blue Pointed Siamese Cat Club
Eastern Counties Cat Society
Midshires Siamese Cat Association
Scottish Rex Cat Club

Bengal Cat Club
Kensington Cat Club
Cornish Rex Cat Society


Balinese & Siamese Cat Club
Edinburgh & East of Scotland Cat Club
Gwynedd Cat Club

14.07.2012 Humberside Cat Club
Lincolnshire Cat Club
07.07.2012 Wiltshire & District Cat Club
01.07.2012 Maine Coon Cat Club
23.06.2012 Burmese Cat Club
16.06.2012 Abyssinian Cat Club
Lakeland & District Cat Club
Oriental Cat Association
Siamese Cat Association
09.06.2012 London Cat Club
02.06.2012 Merseyside Cat Club
Somerset Cat Club

Balinese Cat Society
Caramel & Apricot Federation
Durham County Cat Club
Tabby Pointed Siamese Cat Society
Tonkinese Cat Club

20.05.2012 Midland Counties Cat Club
19.05.2012 Bombay & Asian Self Breed Club
Suffolk & Norfolk Cat Club
12.05.2012 Nor'East of Scotland Cat Club
05.05.2012 Bristol & District Cat Club
Havana & Oriental Lilac Cat Club
Oriental Shaded, Smoke & Tabby Society
28.04.2012 Bedford & District Cat Club
Cambridgeshire Cat Club
Jersey Cat Club
22.04.2012 GCCFI Supreme Show
21.04.2012 Asian Cat Association
Black & White Cat Club

Northern Birman Cat Club
Northern Siamese & Oriental Cat Society
Shorthair Cat Club of Scotland

07.04.2012 Abyssinian Cat Association
East Sussex Cat Club
31.03.2012 Kernow Cat Club
South-West British Shorthair Cat Club
Red Point & Tortie Point Siamese Cat Club
Traditionalist Ragdoll Cat Society
24.03.2012 Preston & Blackpool Cat Club
17.03.2012 Semi Long Hair Cat Association
Somali Cat Club
Surrey & Sussex Cat Association
10.03.2012 Lancashire Cat Club
03.03.2012 Long Hair Cream and Blue Cream Cat Association
White Persian Cat Club
Northern Ireland Cat Club
Southern British Shorthair Cat Club
Wessex Cat Club
25.02.2012 Coventry & Leicester Cat Club
19.02.2012 Midland Cat Club of Ireland

Norwegian Forest Cat Club
Seal Point Siamese Cat Club
Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire


Croydon Cat Club
Scottish Cat Club
United Chinchilla Association

04.02.2012 Celtic Long Hair & Semi Long Hair Cat Society
Shropshire Cat Club
28.01.2012 Southern Counties Cat Club
21.01.2012 Central Longhair and Semi Longhair Cat Club
Notts & Derbys Cat Club
14.01.2012 West Country Cat Club
08.01.2012 Cameo Pewter and Smoke Society

Asian Group Cat Society
Cameo, Pewter & Smoke Society
Capital Long Hair Cat Association
Colourpoint Cat Club
Eastern Long Hair & Semi Long Hair Cat Club
Exotic Cat Society
Korat and Thai Cat Association
Rex Cat Association
Short Haired Cat Society
Singapura Cat Club
Snowshoe Cat Society
Sphynx Cat Association
The British Ragdoll Cat Club

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Should you not have found your report above, you may find it listed on one of the individual judge websites below.
Mrs R Alger-Street http://www.typha-typhast.co.uk/rosie_show-critiques.htm
Lynda Ashmore http://sites.google.com/site/lyndaashmoresshowreports/
Di Brown http://www.firousi.co.uk/showreports.html
Marlene Buckeridge
Mrs L Clark
Peter Collin
Elaine Culf http://sites.google.com/site/elaineculf
Mrs S Devereux http://www.rainsong.co.uk/
Carol Gainsbury http://www.caszan.co.uk/showreports.htm
Lindsey Grant www.vanaheim.co.uk
Anne Gregory

or www.beaumariscats.co.uk

Mr J Harrison http://www.harislau.co.uk/
Lyn Hudson http://www.orbispersians.co.uk/
Perri Hutchison
Naomi Johnson http://www.vervain.co.uk/critiques.htm
Mrs S Lorton-Hobbs http://www.loraston.com/Showreports.html
Alison Lyall
Mrs J Madsen http://www.skovkat.dk/index.php?page=judgereports
Helen Marriott-Power www.rumbaburmese.org.uk
Harry Meekings http://www.rantipole.demon.co.uk/reports
Stephen Parkin
Mrs C Pike http://caroona.co.uk/Reports.html
Miss I Roos http://sites.google.com/site/rooshpreports/
Mrs M Smith http://sites.google.com/site/maureensmithscatreports/
Simon Twigge
Alex Welsh
Kaye Wilson http://www.burmesecatsnkittens.com/
Sandra Woodley



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