Judge Reports

Judges should send their show reports to judgereports@gmail.com no later than 28 days from the show, for publication on this website. In the absence of an electronic copy, please post hard copy to:

Mrs M Owen, The Old Manse, 96a Kingsway, Wellingborough, Northants. NN8 2PD

Some judges have set up websites of their own to publish their own show reports and links to these can be found here.

Judge reports can be accessed below by clicking on the relevant show year or by the links on the left.
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Should you not have found your report above, you may find it listed on one of the individual judge websites below.
Mrs R Alger-Street http://www.typha-typhast.co.uk/rosie_show-critiques.htm
Lynda Ashmore http://sites.google.com/site/lyndaashmoresshowreports/
Di Brown http://www.firousi.co.uk/showreports.html
Marlene Buckeridge
Mrs L Clark
Peter Collin
Elaine Culf http://sites.google.com/site/elaineculf
Mrs S Devereux http://www.rainsong.co.uk/
Carol Gainsbury http://www.caszan.co.uk/showreports.htm
Lindsey Grant www.vanaheim.co.uk
Anne Gregory

or www.beaumariscats.co.uk

Mr J Harrison http://www.harislau.co.uk/
Lyn Hudson http://www.orbispersians.co.uk/
Perri Hutchison
Naomi Johnson http://www.vervain.co.uk/critiques.htm
Mary Kalal http://sites.google.com/site/kalalshowreports/
Steven Leppard www.fancytoobirmans.co.uk/Judgereports.htm
Mrs S Lorton-Hobbs http://www.loraston.com/Showreports.html
Alison Lyall
Mrs J Madsen http://www.skovkat.dk/index.php?page=judgereports
Helen Marriott-Power www.rumbaburmese.org.uk
Harry Meekings http://www.rantipole.demon.co.uk/reports
Stephen Parkin
Mrs C Pike http://caroona.co.uk/Reports.html
Barbara Prowse
Miss I Roos http://sites.google.com/site/rooshpreports/
Mrs M Smith http://sites.google.com/site/maureensmithscatreports/
Jane Tackley www.klassyklogs.co.uk/showreports/html
Simon Twigge
Alex Welsh
Kaye Wilson http://www.burmesecatsnkittens.com/
Sandra Woodley



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