Cat Clubs, Shows & Showing

There are at present 158 cat clubs which are affiliated to the GCCF.


Some are all-breed clubs, usually based in a particular area of the country.


Others are breed clubs: these may cater for a group of breeds such as all Persians or all Semi-Longhairs, or may cater for a breed group or for just a particular colour or pattern of a breed.



Many of the clubs have their own web sites, with information about the clubs and how to join them. If you are interested in a club which is not listed as having a web site, please send a stamped self-addressed envelope to the GCCF Office for a list of Cat Club secretaries, so that you may write to the Club for details (always remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope when you write). You may also email the GCCF Office for contact details for an individual club.


Most clubs have lists of kittens available and many provide newsletters or magazines for their members. Some also hold seminars or social meetings in addition to their general meetings. Breed clubs provide advice about their breeds, including breeding policies etc.


Most clubs hold their own shows, under licence from GCCF.



Many clubs have details of their shows on their own web sites.


A full list of shows, together with contact details for the show managers, is available from the GCCF Office.


In order to enter your cat in a show you will need to obtain a schedule and entry form from the show manager, either via their web site or by sending a stamped addressed envelope and specifying the show for which you require a schedule. (This should be a C5 envelope with postage for 100g).


You may wish to show your cat:



(You must make sure that your kitten is transferred into your name in good time before you show it)


Before you show you should buy the following publications, available from the GCCF Office:


  • GCCF Byelaws
  • GCCF Rules
  • Standard of Points


and note the following:



NB. GCCF Rules state that when entering a GCCF show you must sign the declaration, which includes:


(Section 4, Rule 3b.) "No cat owned by me/us or living at the same address will be exhibited at or entered for any show or public exhibition held less than thirteen days prior to or following the date of this show/exhibition."


This means that you may not enter any cat, including non-pedigree cats, which you own, or which lives with you, for ANY show which is held less than 13 days before or less than 13 days after the GCCF show. Show in this context means any show, whether GCCF or otherwise, or seminar at which cats are present.


For instance, if you enter your cat for a GCCF show held on Saturday 21st:

  • your cat cannot be entered for any show held on Saturday 14th or Sunday 15th or attend any seminar on these dates
  • your cat cannot be entered for any show held on Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th or attend any seminar on these dates


Please remember also that if you plan to enter your GCCF registered cat for a non-GCCF show, you must notify the GCCF Office before you do so. (Section 4, Rule 1b) If you are entering several non-GCCF shows you can list all of them in one letter. The GCCF cannot limit how frequently you show at non-GCCF shows, but you must notify the Office about each show and none of the shows may be within 13 days before or after any GCCF show you enter.


It is also useful to buy:

  • GCCF Guide to Breed Numbering: explains the numbers used to define the different colours and patterns
  • Guide to Defects listed in the Standard of Points: further information about these faults and how to detect them


You may wish to breed from your cat


or you may decide you would like to try stewarding