Meeting of Council, 25th June 2014 to be held at Conway Hall, Holborn, London at 12.00 noon


Notice of the Annual General Meeting


Report of the meeting by Jen Lacey


Draft Minutes - 26th February 2014
Council Attendance

Committee Attendance
Supplementary Agenda


Officer, Director and Committee Nominations


Management Accounts to April 2014

April Volume Graphs


Investigation Committee Report
Fixed Penalties - Late Judge Reports
Household Pet Definitions and Code of Conduct revisions
Project Phoenix


Proposal re show entry - Coventry & Leicester CC

Olympian Proposal - Birman CC

Proposals re applications for Variants - Burmese CS


Revised Exotic Registration Policy


Unfortunately a bizarre error was not noticed in the production of the previous minutes booklet. This has meant that various odd letters have been missed at time, particularly in the meeting attendees names. We do apologise for this error and below is a replacement document. Whilst this does not in any way alter the content of the minutes, if you require a hardcopy replacement please call Tony at the office and he will send one out.


Previous Minutes Booklet - this item has been removed as there was an error it.


Paper Vote-Item C2008.3 BCS Proposal re applications for Variants


The GCCF has received a bona fide request from 6 delegates to have the vote on the above proposal by paper ballot. It should be taken from this notice that the vote will be by paper ballot at the meeting.