MEETING OF COUNCIL AND SPECIAL MEETING held on Wednesday, 28th October 2009
At Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London At 12.00 Noon



The Chairman welcomed the delegates to the meeting and asked them to stand for a minutes silence for Miss Julia May who died recently. Julia had been Vice Chairman for the GCCF and been heavily involved with the GCCF for a great number of years.




2. MINUTES OF MEETING 24th June 2009

Minor typographical errors were amended and the minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.



a) June Election 50 word statements from people wishing to stand on Executive The Chairman asked the delegates for their view on the June election 50 word statements from people wishing to stand on Executive. A delegate suggested that those wishing to stand for Executive give a brief statement to Council on the day saying what they would bring to the GCCF.

b) Readjustment of Charges for Pedigrees 3 generation £10, 4 generation £25, 5 generation £35

John Hansson advised Council that adjustments had been made to the charges for pedigrees with the following price changes to take immediate effect: 3 generation £10.00, 4 generation £25.00, 5 generation £35.00.

The question of A4 pedigrees was still being looked into it involves programming on the IBM and pc system and this has a cost implication.





a) The Korat Cat Association request the following rule change; Section One: The Register, Registration Applications Active and Non-Active registers

1a) Only cats and kittens required for breeding purposes should be registered on the Active Register. All male cats used at stud must have a Certificate of Entirety deposited with the GCCF prior to the registration of their first litter of kittens. For identification purposes, the male should be micro chipped prior to testing and the number recorded both on the form submitted to the GCCF Office and the cat's own veterinary records.

The Chairman called for the vote and the proposal was lost.


b) Executive propose the following rule change Rule 7d, Section 2 ", be amended from

The closing date for entries must be prominently printed on the schedule. Show managements may accept entries after this date only if they can be included in the catalogue of the show (see Section 2, Rule 11 below. "Show managements are authorised to refuse entries without giving reasons to the exhibitor" but in case of such refusals all entry and other monies must be returned to the sender.

Amended to read:

The closing date for entries must be prominently printed on the schedule. Show managements may accept entries after this date only if they can be included in the catalogue of the show (see Section 2, Rule 11 below. "Show managements are authorised to refuse entries but must give a valid reason to the exhibitor" but in case of such refusals all entry monies must be returned to sender.

After discussion the Chairman called for the vote and the rule change was not approved.


c) Genetics Committee

Mr Crow introduced himself to the delegates and advised that the Genetics Committee had increased from five to seven. This was to enable the Committee to have viable discussions at meetings.

i) Terms of Reference

Mr Crow advised Council that the Terms of Reference document has been on the GCCF website since October.

ii) Proposed Breeding Policy

Mr Crow advised that the draft Breeding Policy had also been on the website and thanked the people who had let him have their comments regarding the document. The document will be updated at the next meeting of the Genetics Committee and reviewed again by Executive at the next available meeting. It would then need to be discussed by BAC's and clubs. Once the policy is finalised it will be put on the website.

Mr Crow said the aim of the Breeding Policy was to make it clear that the GCCF will not consider breeds with anomalies and said there was a need to think about DNA testing and he advised that he will include that in the revised document.

The Chairman thanked Steve Crow for the major work he had done, saying it was very important to have a Terms of Reference and a Breeding Policy.


d) World Cat Congress

The Chairman updated the delegates on the World Cat Congress and he advised that he had been asked if the GCCF would hold the Congress in 2013. 2010 Congress will be held in Australia but we will not be attending. More information will be put on the website in due course.


e) GCCF Official Journal Expressions of Interest
To be reviewed at a later date.


Delegates discussed the question of Critiques appearing on the website. Delegates felt that not enough Critiques were appearing on the website, the Chairman said this would be monitored.




The information contained in these Minutes may be superseded by the Minutes of subsequent meetings.

Executive Committee
6th May 2009
29th July 2009


EC2429 a delegate asked why the proposal from the Oriental Cat Association had not progressed. The Chairman said this would be included within the proposal to Incorporate the GCCF. A delegate said that a three year business plan would need to be written followed by a one year business plan setting out objectives also a one year financial plan.

The minutes were approved.




i) Memorandum of Association
ii) Articles of Association
iii) Bye-Laws

Delegates discussed the Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Bylaws and the tabled amendments. After much debate it was decided that the documents are to be represented to Council once they had been reviewed further.




a) Treasurer's Report

Mr Holway asked delegates if they had any questions and there were none. He said he had good news for September. Income was up by approximately 4.5k. Expectations were that income would continue to increase. The cash flow was better than forecast


b) Medals

Proposal from the Executive Committee

Exhibitors will be offered engraved medals at a cost of £15. 00 for cats who win their titles from 1st June 2009. Certificates will continue to be available at no charge.
The above proposal was approved, with five against and five abstentions.


c) Investigations

An additional administration fee of £10 to be charged for all complaints received.
The above proposal was approved, with five against and one abstention.


d) The Executive Committee propose the option, should it prove necessary, to elect an

Honorary Treasurer to replace Mr Tom Holway who will be retiring at the end of November. (This will require a change to the constitution.) The above proposal was approved unanimously.


e) Mr Holway stated that the GCCF were no longer at risk of insolvency.




Mrs Celia Leighton, Supreme Show Manager thanked everybody for their support. Hilary Dean congratulated Celia Leighton for her hard work and excellent achievement on the Supreme Show.

A delegate asked Mrs Leighton if she was confident if the Supreme Show would break even. Mrs Leighton said she was.




The Executive Committee proposes the following with effect from 1st June 2010

a) Oriental Bicolour Group Application for Championship Status of the Oriental Bicolour The above application has been passed. Pat Norman thanked Council for their approval.


b) British BAC Application for Recognition of Cinnamon and Fawn Colours of Tortie, Tortie and White, Bi-colour and Van pattern BSH and their inclusion into existing show classes (under Section 1, Rule 24)

The above application has been passed.




Council approved the following with effect from 1st June 2010

a) Russian BAC amendment to the Russian Standard of Points as follows:

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:

a) Flat coat
Oriental BODY, HEAD type OR EAR SET
b) Burmese BAC proposed amendments to the Burmese Standard of Points
c) Somali BAC



Council approved the following with immediate effect;
a) Snowshoe Cat Society
b) South West British Shorthair Cat Club
c) Siberian Cat Club UK




The Council have approved the following application for pre affiliation:
The United Kingdom Ragdoll Breeders Society




a) Executive recommend the request received from the Central Longhaired Cat Club to change their name to Central Longhair and Semi Longhair Cat Club.

Council approved the change of name.


b) Discussion Item
The Colourpoint Rex Coated & AOV Cat Club would like the delegates of the GCCF to support their application to be a member of the Sphynx BAC

The application was discussed but was not approved by Council.




It was agreed that Show Managers let the office have the written up catalogue of the day of the show.

Delegates discussed the question of Exhibitors addresses appearing in the catalogue.



a) The following Judges have been approved by Council:

Abyssinian BAC
Full Judge - Mr G Godfrey
Probationer Judge -\Ms M Chapman, Mrs D Stone


Asian BAC
Full Judge - Miss C Lewis


Birman BAC
Full Judge - Ms S Crichton, Dr P Holmes, Ms A Saye


Probationer Judge - Miss J Clare


Colourpoint BAC
Full Judge - Mrs K Board Allam


Exotic BAC
Full Judge - Mrs L Ashmore, Mrs K Board-Allam, Ms S Crichton
1 yr extn - Mrs C De Martino, Mrs P Rogers


Joint Rex BAC
Devon Rex
Probationer Judge - Mr I Macro

Selkirk Rex
Probationer Judge - Mrs A Ivinson

Cornish Rex
1 yr extn - Ms J Clare


Korat BAC
Full Judge - Mrs C Kaye, Mr S Parkin


Maine Coon BAC
Full Judge - Mrs L Grant
Probationer Judge - Dr Bruce Bennett, Mr S Leppard


Norwegian Forest BAC
Full Judge - Mrs S Tokens, Mr M Pearman, Mrs J Tackley, Mrs B Prowse
Probationer Judge - Mrs C De Martino


Ocicat & Ocicat Classic BAC
Full Judge - Mrs B Webb
Probationer Judge - Mr S Parkin


Oriental JAC
1 yr extn - Mrs L Studer, Miss J Tonkinson


Persian Smoke Tipped BAC
Probationer Judge - Mrs K Board-Allam


Persian Tabby BAC
1 year extension - Mrs C Bamford, Mrs C Gainsbury, Mrs G Neale


Ragdoll BAC
Full Judge - Mrs B Prowse, Mrs A Lyall, Mrs C De Martino
Probationer Judge - Mrs L Grant


Russian BAC
Probationer Judge - Miss C White


Siamese JAC
1 yr extn - Miss J Tonkinson


Singapura BAC
Probationer Judge - Mrs V A Anderson, Mrs S Rose


Somali BAC
Full Judge - Mrs P Perkins, Mr J Hansson


Sphynx BAC
Probationer Judge - Mr S Parkin


Turkish BAC
Probationer Judge - Mrs S Rainbow-Ockwell


b) Judge Withdrawals

The following items have been approved by Council:

Birman BAC
Mrs A Dawson has requested that her name be removed as a Probationer Judge of Birmans. The Birman BAC have agreed to this request.


Ragdoll BAC Probationer Judge, Mr Charlie Keenan has resigned.


Joint Rex BAC have advised that the following judges have not judged the breed or attended seminars during the last five years, therefore, it is assumed that there is no further interest in judging the breed and it requests the following names be removed from the Rex lists. Cornish Rex Mrs A Bailey, Mrs H Dessauer Devon Rex Mrs H Dessauer, Mr M Lauder Selkirk Rex Mr A Edwards


Turkish BAC have advised the Mrs E Fryer (June 2002) and Mrs H Light (February 2000) have been on the list for over 4 years, neither have applied for an extension or are members of either constituent club therefore the BAC ask that these ladies are removed from the Turkish list the BAC have written to the individuals but have had no response.

Mr David Redtfeldt has resigned as a GCCF judge to become an ACFA judge. Mr Redtfeldt will judge any future engagements in the UK as an overseas judge.


There being no further time the Chairman closed the meeting.