Forms and Downloads


Below are forms and documents that can be downloaded. All forms are in PDF format unless otherwise specified.


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For Everybody


GCCF Byelaws and Rules

Please note that printed versions of these documents are available from the GCCF for a small charge (see price list)

GCCF Byelaws March 2015 Revision

GCCF Rules for Registration and Showing of Cats February 2015 Revision


Change of Title/Name/Address Form


For Breeders and Owners


Registered Prefixes


Code of Ethics (statement)


Prefix Application Form


Registration Application Form


Certificate of Entirety (sample form)


Mating Certificate (sample form)


Application Form for Transfer of Ownership


Specimen Agreement for a Cat/Kitten sale


GCCF Pet Insurance Guide for Cat Owners


An introduction to the GEMS system


GEMS Code Sheet


GEMS Utilities (non downloadable)


For New Owners


Choosing a Kitten


Feeding your Kitten


Caring for your Kitten


Code of Ethics (statement)


Early Neutering


GCCF Pet Insurance Guide for Cat Owners


For Exhibitors


Medal Information


Title Claim Form for Pedigree Cats


Title Claim Form for Household Pets


For Show Managers and Judges


Further forms and information is also available on the Show Manger's Information page


List of approved GCCF Judges


List of GCCF Judge Appointment Scheme Forms (forms are available from the relevant BAC (often on their websites)


Show Certificate Returns Form 2012


Cancellation and Abandonment Information Sheet


Public Liability Insurance


An introduction to the GEMS system


GEMS Code Sheet


For Clubs


Your Club's Route to GCCF Membership


Application Form for the Provisional Membership of a Club


Application Form for the Membership of a Club


Independent Examiner's Form


Club Returns Form with Advice


Guidance for Club Rules


For Complaints


Complaint Summary Form


Failure to provide paperwork on the sale of a Cat/Kitten Complaint Form


Breach of Show Rules Complaint Form


Sale of Sick Cat/Kitten Complaint Form


Complaint against a Club or BAC


Breach of Rule 30


Cat Welfare