General Guidelines on entering Shows

Where possible, always complete your show entry form from your GCCF registration document (i.e. Registration or Transfer Certificate) for the cat that is to be exhibited, printing the details carefully to avoid any misinterpretation of your handwriting. If the document you have is headed 'APPLICATION FOR THE TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP OF REGISTERED CATS' this means that the cat is not registered in your name and you must complete the form and send it back to the GCCF with the transfer fee as soon as possible. It must be received by GCCF no later than 21 days before the show.


If you have not received your registration document at the time of entry, complete the show entry form with the details from the pedigree, giving the first choice of name if it is a non-prefix registration, and put RAF (Registration Applied For) or TAF (Transfer Applied For), or both, in the Regd. No. box. It is wise to enclose a stamped self-addressed acknowledgement postcard with all registration and transfer applications, particularly for cats entered for shows, so that you know that the application has been received by the GCCF.


Try to keep a copy of your entry form - then, when you receive registration details and number, check these against the entry form and notify the Show Manager in writing of any differences in the details as well as giving the registration number, if applicable. This may not be in time for the printing of the show catalogue, but the Show Manager should attach your letter to your entry form which will save unnecessary notification of discrepancies when that show is checked. All catalogue errors are checked against the original entry form and any exhibitors' letters are used for reference. Show managements are permitted to accept corrections, at their own discretion, up to the close of the show (on show day). Any such correction must not be an addition or substition of any exhibit for which proof of entry cannot be validated or a change of exhibitor/owner.


If you are entering several cats from your household and the registered owners (exhibitors) differ within that household/family, check with the Show Manager whether using one entry form is acceptable or not and, if it is, indicate very clearly which exhibitor owns which cat, ensuring all owners sign the entry form. It may be less confusing and more acceptable to the Show Manager for each owner to use separate entry forms, but joint owners of an exhibit(s) should always use the same form and both must sign.


GCCF Rules Section 4 Rule 26 - Exhibitors are reminded that the decisions of the judges are final. Any attempt to influence such decisions, or to identify a cat or ownership of a cat to a judge at a show before that judge's engagement has been completed may render the offender liable to disciplinary action.

Staus of Errors - What to expect:

Minor Errors


These warrant a notification for your reference if the error occurs more than once and it is apparent that registration details were available at the time of entry or before the date of the show. Continuous repetition of the same error after notification will be referred to the Executive Committee.


Examples of minor errors include:


(a) spelling errors

(b) separation of cat's names that should be one word, and vice versa

(c) administrative/breeder's prefix omitted from, or partially incorrect name given for, exhibit

(d) overseas title preceding the name of an exhibit, sire or dam etc.

(e) full breed number known but not given

(f) sire and dam reversed or named incorrectly

(g) breeder joint when single and vice versa


Incorrect Date Of Birth


This is usually classed as a minor error unless it affects an entry into classes based on age groups, when it could warrant disqualification of the exhibit from such classes; but if the incorrect date of birth affects the age suitability as a whole, then the exhibit will be disqualified from the show.



Kittens - not less than 14 weeks and under 9 calendar months on date of show

Adults - not less than 9 calendar months on date of show


Incorrect Name Of Exhibit/Owner/Breeder


If registration/transfer details were obviously available at the time of entry or before the date of the show, disqualification is inevitable.

The following discrepancies are those which usually arise:

EXHIBIT - Totally incorrect name


REGISTERED OWNER/ EXHIBITOR - Joint when they should be single and vice versa or Declaration not signed by registered owner(s)

NB. The exhibitor(s) must be the registered owner(s) of the cat and not necessarily the person who actually takes the cat to the show


BREEDER - Totally incorrect name or names

N.B. The breeder of a cat is always the registered owner of the dam on the date of the cat's birth.


Registration/Transfer Not Received By GCCF 21 Days Before The Date Of The Show


These entries will be disqualified. Remember, the effective date of all registrations and transfers is the first date of valid receipt by the GCCF, and if you enclose your own stamped addressed acknowledgement card with your application form this will be stamped with the GCCF Office date of receipt.


Transfer Of Exhibit From Exhibitor To A New Owner Received By GCCF More Than 21 Days Before The Date Of The Show


Entries such as these will also be disqualified as the exhibitor's entry form becomes invalid.


Incorrect Or Ineligibility Of Class Entry


These will be disqualified from the class concerned - so always check with the Show Manager if in doubt about which class to enter. If a breed number is changed officially, it is important that you notify the Show Manager immediately. Exhibits entered in the Grand class or Imperial Grand class must have qualified on or before the published closing date of the show and the title must have been claimed in writing. Exhibitors who enter Grand or Imperial Grand Classes without claiming will be reminded once, but if the title remains unclaimed the cat will be disqualified from this class at subsequent shows.


Cat Registered On The Reference Register


No cat registered on this Register is eligible to be shown and therefore these entries will be disqualified.

The only exception to this is when a new breed becomes recognised; and then, cats of the breed may be shown, even if they are registered on the Reference Register as long as this was the only reason for the Reference registration.



Exhibitors may appeal against any disqualification resulting from show checking, giving their reasons. The appeal will be referred to the Executive Committee if considered valid and, if not, a letter of explanation will be sent to the exhibitor(s). The above advice, however, is aimed to keep your show entries trouble-free, not to mention the show checking.