About the GCCF

President: Mrs Grace Denny

Vice President: Mr Gordon Butler, Mr Eric Wickham-Ruffle and Mrs Brenda Wolstenholme


Chairman: Mr Steve Crow

Vice-Chairman: TBA

Office Manager: Mark Goadby


GCCF Committees and their members

GCCF Committee meeting dates


The GCCF was established as an independent body in 1910, formed from the three or four cat clubs who were registering cats at that time.

In 2011 the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in order to secure its future appropriately with the Clubs becoming members of the company.

The GCCF only exists through the dedication and support of its volunteers for more than 100 years. These volunteers run the member clubs and form the various committees that operate the GCCF.

It now has more than 150 member clubs, licences more than 150 cat shows per year and registers and transfers over 25,000 pedigree cats per year.

The GCCF is run by a Council of delegates drawn from the member clubs. From the Council, the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Directors are elected to supervise the operation of the company and make proposals for improvements. The Officers and Directors are supported by committees drawn from the Directors and other volunteers who have valuable knowledge and experience to contribute to the continued success of the GCCF and the cat world as a whole. Other invaluable volunteers carry out specific roles within the organisation.

Day to day administration is run from its office in Bridgwater by a small band of dedicated staff who are kept busy dealing with registrations, publications, show processing, Committee administration and the mountain of correspondence from all parts of the company and the cat world in general.

The GCCF runs its own show, The Supreme Cat Show, currently held each year in November. The largest of the GCCF shows, The Supreme champions the best in Pedigree and Household Pet Cats. The GCCF gives grateful thanks to the exhibitors and stall holders for their continued support of this most excellent event.

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GCCF stand at the Supreme Show 2013

At various cat shows up and down the country, volunteers also man GCCF tables with information leaflets and a more limited range of publications.

The GCCF is a member of the Canine & Feline Sector Group, a collection of professional organisations dedicated to feline welfare through the development and promotion of policies and recommendations on the care and keeping of all cats. This has a direct link into government and influences policy decisions at the highest level.

On Monday 13th March 2006 the GCCF was accepted as a member of the World Cat Congress which fosters worldwide cooperation between Cat Fancies.

When all is said and done, the GCCF is about far more than just showing and registering Cats. To get involved and be a part of the exciting future why not contact and become a member of one of the GCCF member clubs. Details can be found here