There are many interesting articles written on the subject of judging, exhibiting and breeding and this page is available to publish some of those.


Peter Moormann is a well respected international judge who has written an article on The Psychology of Judging Cats which is both informative and entertaining.


Ross Davies of Burnthwaites Siamese has written some excellent articles on breeding which can be found below.


Is my cat pregnant?


How long is my cat pregnant?


How to sex your kittens


And a more fun article.

5 Ingredients of a Show Winning Cat

There are two breed specific sites which have published excellent articles on subjects such as choosing a kitten, settling in a kitten, clipping claws, how to make activity centres, preparing your cat for a show as well as breeding articles. Though they are written for Siamese and Oriental cats they can be applied to most breeds. These resources are growing so it is suggested that repeat visits are made.


Siamese Cat Breeder


Oriental Cat Breeder


Siamese Cat Breeder is hosting an article on Microchipping by Sheila Calloway RVN which is worth reading.


Barbara Kilroy of Tikindi Siamese is organiser of the Breeders Forum and has contributed the following articles, based on decades of experience in hand-rearing foster kittens.






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