Judge Changes and Schedule Corrections

Judge changes and schedule corrections will be listed here where the club has notified of any. Some changes will be on the club website so do follow the link.



Lakeland & District Cat Club


Unfortunately Mrs. S. Hamilton is unable to judge at the show this year
Mrs. Hamilton’s classes have been re-assigned as follows:
Mrs. J. P. Hartman.         147, 202, 530, 536, 572, 583, 602, 834.
Ms. J. Clare.                     150, 464.
Mrs. L. Fryer.                     181, 408, 722.
Ms. J. Allen.                        237, 250, 549, 555, 562, 563, 832, 847, 852, 923.
Mrs. M. Walkden.              273, 642, 880.
Mrs. E. Culf.                       281.
Dr. P. Moormann.             308, 524, 528, 575, 578,  599, 637, 647, 949
Mrs. M. Chapman-Beer.  410, 456, 782, 794.
Mrs. J. Potter                     459.
Mrs. H. Marriott-Power     627,  764, 865, 868, 886.
Mrs. J. Green                     778,  914, 933.
Miss. J. Tonkinson           840.
Mr. C. Dryden                     873.



Oriental Cat Association


Mrs Aggett is unable to judge so her classes are reallocated:


727 Mrs J Wheatley
733 Mr E Jones
740 Mr E Jones


Siamese Cat Association


Mrs Aggett is unable to judge so her classes are reallocated:


232 Mrs J Wheatley
237 Mrs S Lee
239 Mr E Jones
245 Mrs S Lee
255 Mrs J Wheatley
261 Mrs J Wheatley
272 Mrs S Lee
276 Mr E Jones



Wessex Cat Club


Y110 - Black or Choc Smoke Neuter - Mr Pearman
Y111 - Blue or Lilac Smoke Neuter - Mr Pearman
Y112 - Red, Tortie etc Smoke Neuter - Mr Pearman
Y113 - AC Silver Tabby Neuter - Mr Pearman
Y114 - Brown, Blue, Choc or Lilac Tabby - Mr Pearman
Y115 - Red, Cream or Tortie Tabby Neuter - Mr Pearman
Y116 - Chinchilla & Silver Shaded Neuter - Mr Pearman
Y368 - Asian Tiffanie Adult - Mrs Gregory
Y369 - Asian Self/Tortie Inc Bombay Adult - Mrs Gregory                     

Kensington Cat Club


K236 - Black Adult - Mrs E Culf
K237 - Chocolate Adult  - Mrs E Culf
K239 -  Lilac Adult - Mrs E Culf
K241 - Blue Adult - Mrs E Culf
K273 - Chocolate Kitten - Mrs E Culf
K275 - Lilac Kitten  - Mrs E Culf
K277 - Blue Kitten - Mrs E Culf
K280 - AOC Silver Tabby Kitten - Mr N Carter
K287 - Manx Kitten - Mr N Carter
K288 - Brown Spotted Kitten - Mr N Carter
K289 - Red Spotted Kitten - Mr N Carter
K315 - Chocolate Neuter - Mr N Carter
K316 - Cinnamon/Fawn Self Neuter - Mr N Carter
K317 - Lilac Neuter - Mr N Carter
K318 - Red Self Neuter - Mr N Carter
K319 - Blue Neuter - Mr N Carter
K320 - Cream Neuter - Mr N Carter
K322 - AOC Silver Tabby Neuter - Mr N Carter
K323 - Red Cream or Tortie Inc Blue-Cream/Lilac/Cinnamon/Fawn Tortie Tabby Neuter - Mr N Carter
K333 - AOC Spotted Neuter - Mr N Carter
K334 - AOC Silver Spotted Neuter - Mr N Carter
K336 - Bi-Coloured Neuter - Mr N Carter


Eastern Counties Cat Society



Class E151 Blue Birman Adult from Mrs B. Prowse to Mr J. Hansson.



Class E1010 Olympian Class. from Mrs Y Barber to Mrs C. Titterington.

Class E1012 Grand Class. from Mrs Y. Barber to Mr I Barber,

Class E1013 LH/SLH Self. from Mrs I.Barber to Mr I Barber.

Class E1014 Tabby  from Mrs C. Titterington to Mrs Y. Barber.

Class E1019 SH Ginger from Mrs C. Titterington to Mrs Y.Barber.

Class E1026 AOC or Pattern from Mrs Y. Barber to Mrs C. Titterington.

Class E1032 SH Kitten from Mrs Y.Barber to Mr I Barber.


Class 1042 First Time Shown at ECCS  F. from Mrs C. Titterington to Mrs Y. Barber.

Classes E230 & E231 AC British Grand Champion. from Mrs D, Brown to Mrs L. Walpole.


I am sorry to report that Mrs Louvaine Stevenson is unable to fulfil her judging engagement with our Show this year. She has been ever present for every Championship Show to date.

Please find the list of Class changes.

E116 Chinchilla Neuter. E132 Cameo Neuter. E133 Cameo Neuter. E139 Blue Chinchilla.  All Mrs Linda Dutton.


E232 & E 233 Selkirk Rex Grand Champion.  Mrs Barbara Prowse.


E352 & E 353 AOV Foreign Grand Champion.  Mrs Naomi Johnson.


E367 Thai/Lilac Mrs Val Anderson Drew.

E377 Brown Spotted Bengal Adult. Mr Jon Trotter.

E379 Snow Spotted Bengal Adult.   Mr Jon Trotter.

E389 Australian Mist Adult. Mrs Jane Francis Wilson.


E422 Sphynx Kitten. Mr John Hansson.


E438 & E439 Rex, Sphynx or La Perm Grand Premier  Mrs Val Anderson Drew

E448 Cornish Rex Neuter. Mrs Joyce Green.

E449 Devon Rex Neuter. Mrs Naomi Johnson.

E451 Thai Blue/Lilac Neuter. Mrs Val Anderson Drew 

E456 Ocicat Neuter. Mrs Naomi Johnson.

E457 Ocicat Classic Neuter. Mr John Hansson.

E463 Snow Spotted Bengal Neuter. Mr Jon Trotter.


Misc: Classes.

E697 Self Kitten E698 Non-Self Kitten. Mrs Caroline Roberts.

E722 Persian Neuter. Mrs Di Brown.

E786 British Junior Adult. Mrs Celia De Martino.

E778 British Neuter. Mrs Sally Rainbow Ockwell.

E809 Foreigh (ex Rex) Adult. Mrs Naomi Johnson.

E820 Cornish/Devon/Sphynx Adult. Mr John Hansson.

E848 Foreign (ex Rex) Neuter Mrs Naomi Johnson.Club Classes.

E952 Exotic Self. Mrs Pat Perkins.

E953 Exotic Non-Self Mrs Pat Perkins.

E966 Lincoln Adult/Kitten Mrs Wendy McQuilkin.

E967 Lincoln Neuter.  Mrs Wendy McQuilkin.

E971 London  Persian Adult/Kitten/Neuter. Mrs D. Brown.


Bombay & Asian Cats Breed Club


Grand Champion Class to Mrs S. Rainbow-Ockwell from Mrs L. Stevenson.

Class B63 AC Kitten (within) 26 miles. Mrs P. Wilding.

B78  Titled Neuter. Mr J. Hansson.




Edinburgh and East of Scotland Cat Club


Class 373   Ocicat Classic Adult  will now be judged by Mr S Crow
Class  565  Oriental Long Hair Kitten  will now be judged by Dr B Bennett


Balinese & Siamese Cat Club


Class 5 - A.C. (inc Apricot) Balinese Adult will now be judged by Mrs Murchison



Airedale Agricultural Society


Class 34 should read Any SLH Imperial/Grand/Premier


Humberside Cat Club


Class no H229 (British) Blue Kitten will now be judged by Mr S McConnell.


Lincolnshire Cat Club


Class L145 will now be judged by Lady A Saye



Midshires Siamese Cat Association


Class 302  Siamese, Balinese or Oriental Imperial Grand Premier (Olympian class) - Judge should be Mrs L Studer
Class 354 Oriental Red Adult - Judge should be Mrs D Brown



Chester & North Wales Cat Club


British Blue Kittens will now be judged by Wayne Vessey

Class 6 Olympian Male Neuter will now be judged by Mr Pearman (not Mrs Stone) due to a clash with another show.



Three Counties Cat Society


Class 468 Sphynx Neuter now MR P CORNISH and not Mrs D Stone due to clash of engagements.