GCCF Notices

New Kitten Transfer Incentive and Breeder Registration Cards


As part of the GCCF’s continuing business development and desire to secure its future through maximising the take up of its services, we have entered into an agreement with Royal Canin for them to provide free foods to the new owners of cats upon transfer of ownership with the GCCF.

To do this we have to ensure the new owners are aware of the offer available and have therefore resigned the initial registration certificate and renamed this the Breeder Registration Card. This being the registration certificate received at first registration and handed to new owners at the time of sale of the kitten, along with the breeder pedigree, GCCF Kitten leaflet, insurance and other documents the breeder provides.

The Incentive begins from Monday 1st June 2015.

For full details see the PDF document here

In response to requests from Breeders the details on the Breeder Registration Card were amended prior to first issue to show the names of the parents.

We are aware that a rumour is circulating that Registration Certificates have been done away with. This is entirely inaccurate. As before, after transfer, an A5 Registration Certificate, as introduced In 2012 will be issued to the new owner. We have received requests for “old certificates” which would be pink ones prior to 2012 and it should be noted we can no longer supply these.


Office Manager
June 2015


Private Members Bill on the Welfare of Cats


Since my last update on this topic a general election has taken place and we are now in a new parliament. Lord Black entered the ballot in May in an effort to re-present his Bill (which now includes some amendments for which GCCF pressed) to this parliamentary session - the Bill came 30th in the ballot and so is unlikely to proceed further that another First Reading in the Lords, due to lack of parliamentary time. The Bill's main aim this time around is to stimulate debate and keep this topic in the public eye, although unlike last time, Cats Protection is not planning any media or social media releases about the Bill, but will continue with its consultation on the Cat Manifesto published early this year. The link below gives details of the amended Bill and some background information which you should find interesting.


I have been working with other members of the Breeding and Sale of Cats (BASOC) working group to address the themes and concerns the Bill seeks to target, i.e. irresponsible commercial breeding of cats for money and to the detriment of the welfare of cats and kittens. The group has been collecting evidence to paint a picture of the size and nature of the problem and is now in the early stages of preparing a report to go to the Canine & Feline Sector Group. I have been constant in stating the position of responsible hobby breeders of pedigree cats and have received acknowledgement and mention of the good practice set by GCCF and its members (see notes to the Bill via above link).

The next meeting of the BASOC is on 24th July when we will be considering the early draft report. I will keep you informed of further progress in due course.
Steve Crow

GCCF Chairman
15th June 2015


Project Phoenix Update


At the February Council meeting, I promised to give an update via the website about the progress on Project Phoenix.
At the time, I explained that if everything went to plan, we might hope to release the new system towards the end of June. Unfortunately, staff shortages and sickness in the GCCF Office, together with some lack of availability of one of our key technical resources, has meant that we are a little behind that schedule.

This would take our release date into July and the holiday season – shortly followed by lots of work on the Supreme show. I have discussed suitable dates for training and implementation with the Office Manager, and we have presented our thoughts to the Board. We believe that it is in the best interests of GCCF to put back the release date to early November, so that holidays and the Supreme can be completed. This will allow good time for the staff to be trained, and for BACs to be closely involved with the computerisation of their registration policies. This slight delay to the release will not affect the cost of Project Phoenix.

The good news is that the system is now coded and testing is under way.

Although the largest impact will be on the Office staff, the look and feel of the online system will also change for breeders, in keeping with the style of the new website which is being released shortly. There will also be some additional features. I will issue some screen shots and some videos over the next weeks and months, so that you can start to become familiar with the system before release.

I understand that this may be disappointing, but I hope you agree that it is in GCCF’s best interests. We don’t want to compromise on quality – both in terms of the system, and the customer service that the staff can provide. GCCF already provides the fastest and most genetically sound registration system – we want to continue to improve even on this high standard.

Sally Rainbow-Ockwell
Project Phoenix Project Manager

15 June 2015


BAC Review Group Meeting


Minutes of the Second Meeting

Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting

Disciplinary System - standing for election


Are you interested in the GCCF Disciplinary System? Do you think you have the time and qualities required to play an active role?


For the first time an invitation to stand for election is open to all who are bound by GCCF rules, and not restricted to Council delegates only, though they are welcome to apply, of course.  For more information download the attached document and read it carefully, so that you know what is expected of a member of each of the three committees. Then make your application in the manner described.  


The closing date for the receipt of applications is 30 April 2015. Elections by paper ballot will take place at the June Council Meeting.


Jen Lacey
March 2015



Change of Director


Regrettably I have received notification from Hilary Dean of her resignation from the GCCF Board, I have thanked Hilary for her contributions to date. An invitation has been extended to Shelagh Heavens, the first reserve, to take up the vacant place, which she has accepted.


Steve Crow
GCCF Chairman

March 2015

Spurious Adverts on the Site


We have had a series of adverts lodged on the GCCF Website. Our IT gurus suggest they are doing nothing more than trying to encourage you to go to other sites. They do not apparently have a malicious content. We recommend you ignore them.


Our new website is almost ready and will not have these present. Our limited resources are therefore being focussed on delivering the new site as soon as possible thus eradicating this nuisance.


We do also confirm that no financial details can be obtained from the GCCF site. This is why we use an external provider so they use the best protection.


Mark Goadby

Office Manager
24th February 2015

Show Structure Review Group


An invitation to join the group....


Due to recent resignations the Show Review Group is looking to recruit new members. It is felt that current members amply cover the interests of the Board, Show Managers and Judges and although some of us do exhibit when possible, we are really hoping to recruit representatives who are first and foremost regular exhibitors.


You must have a sound knowledge and understanding of the current show system, be analytical, have the strength to make difficult decisions which may be controversial and may also relate to your own breed and/or section and stand by them while maintaining impartiality in all matters.


The meetings are held in London and are so aligned to enable feedback to both the Board and the Full Council  at the scheduled meetings. It is also hoped that the group will work in conjunction with the BAC & Judges Training Review Group.


If you feel you could contribute please submit a brief CV outlining your involvement with the GCCF to the following email address: catherinekay3@sky.com  All applications should be submitted by 1st March 2015. These will be short listed and the final decision will be made in consultation with the Board and successful applicants will be informed by email. Any applicant not selected this time will be keep on file as further input maybe required at a later date.


In anticipation:


Catherine M Kaye

Chair, GCCF Show Review Group

Make your views known via the GCCF Show Review Group Facebook page


Following the resignation of Keith Scruton as chair of this group, I have asked Catherine Kaye to take on the role of Chair for the group, and she has agreed to do so. The group has also lost another member since Keith's resignation and Kate will be shortly be seeking a couple of addition volunteers to join the group. Please look for an announcement shortly on how to apply.

Steve Crow
GCCF Chair
January 2015

The group presented a report on its initial meeting to the October council. For this review the group considered the current structure of GCCF shows and those of other registration bodies and have made suggestions to:

  • Create a more balanced playing field for the different breeds in the higher classes.
  • Increase the numbers of judges available to judge the higher classes.
  • Modify the 13 day Rule.
  • Encourage exhibitors to show cats that are not mature enough or who they do not wish to enter in a higher class.
  • Encourage exhibitors to show cats that will qualify for a higher class after closing date.
  • Make more of BOB.
  • Make more of BOV and BIS in order to make more of a spectacle at the end of a show.
  • Ensure fuller reporting on classes.
  • Encourage breeders/owners of non-GCCF registered cats to show them with the GCCF.
  • Provide a more breed friendly and informative environment for both exhibitors and visitors.
  • Improve the show experience for both exhibitors and visitors to help reverse the decline in the number of entries at shows.


We invite comments on this report which can be found on the GCCF website – home page and select meetings and then 22nd October 2014 Council - and the suggestions contained in it.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday 8th January 2015. From this meeting we aim to bring forward firm proposals for consideration by Council in February. Therefore it would be appreciated if comments and alternatives to our suggestions if they are not liked or additional ideas to enrich the show experience could reach us by 5th January.

Comments and ideas from clubs, BACs or individuals can either be sent direct by email to:
or posted on the Show Review Group page on Facebook.


All comments will be read and considered in the preparation of the final proposals. This is your opportunity to influence what happens - so let us know what you want or don’t want changed.


Keith Scruton
Chairman, Show Structure Review Group

October 2014

Proposed Design for new Certificates


Please click on the links below


Entire Cats - Challenge Certificate, Grand Challenge Certificate, Reserve Grand Challenge Certificate, Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate

Neuters - Premier Certificate, Grand Premier Certificate, Reserve Grand Premier Certificate, Imperial Grand Premier Certificate

Household Pets - Master Cat Certificate, Grand Master Cat Certificate, Reserve Grand Master Cat Certificate, Imperial Grand Master Cat Certificate
Merit Certificate

Update on the Cat Welfare Bill 
I promised to keep you informed of any further developments.  During the past week I have discussed the Bill and its contents with Steve Dean, Chair of the Canine & Feline Sector Group and have agreed that this topic will be a key agenda item for the next meeting in October.  We decided that our aim would be for the CFSG to provide the vehicle for discussion and comment which should impact on the shape and content of the Bill should it proceed further.   

I have also contacted Cats Protection and had a telephone conversation with CP’s Chief Executive, Peter Hepburn.  Our discussion was very cordial and positive, as we have a common interest in the welfare of cats, and he believes the Bill is about establishing a principle and is intended to target irresponsible breeders and “kitten farmers”.  Peter is keen that GCCF works closely with CP and other interested charities to develop any potential regulation that will ensure improved welfare for cats without adversely affecting the ability of responsible cat breeders to enjoy their hobby to the full. 

We have agreed to consult further in the coming weeks and months and to use the CFSG to facilitate productive discussion and co-operative working.

There is no certainty that the Bill will become law, however, if it does progress to Second Reading and beyond, GCCF is now in a position to contribute directly to influencing and amending its content and provisions. 

Steve Crow
GCCF Chair

August 2014

A private members Bill on the Welfare of Cats was presented to the House of Lords on 24th July for its first reading, the GCCF was not consulted about this beforehand, but we are now aware of the bill and are reviewing its content and monitoring progress and, in particular, whether it is granted a second reading.  We are discussing the matter within the Board and will be seeking to feed in views and comments as and when appropriate. 

I am a member of the Canine & Feline Sector Group which was established to advise the Animal Welfare Board and DEFRA on issues concerning dogs and cats.  I have asked the chair of the group to place this matter on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting.

As a private members bill at first reading there is a considerable way to go before this could become law, if it ever does so, GCCF will have time to formulate its response to the proposals in the bill and to make its views known. 

I will keep you informed of developments.

Steve Crow
GCCF Chair
July 2014

Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony


The Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony will take place on the 16th May 2015. Click here for more details, the booking form and hotel package.


January 2015


At the board meeting held yesterday the directors confirmed the following as members of the Review Group:  Peter Collin, Anne Gregory, John Hansson, Catherine Kaye, Heather McCrea and Saffron Rabey.

With myself as chairman this gives a group that is representative of each section of the fancy, exhibitors, breeders, judges, show managers, the different regions of the UK and have experience of judging or exhibiting with other registration bodies.
The group will meet on Tuesday 23rd September and aim to bring to the October Council ideas for consideration not only by delegates but also the clubs and wider members of the fancy.

If you have any ideas for change that have not already been sent to me I would be very pleased to receive them. Equally I would like to hear about want you do not want changed.

Remember this is your cat fancy and it should reflect what you want but we can only achieve that if you participate in this review and tell us what you want.

Suggestions can be sent to me at showreviewgroup@outlook.com or any of the other members of the review group before 23rd September.


Keith Scruton
GCCF Vice-Chairman

September 2014

The June meeting of Council agreed to set up a group to review the structure of shows and for the group to bring forward proposals to the February 2015 meeting of Council.


At the board meeting held yesterday I was appointed chairman of the review group and it was agreed that the group would have six other members. Two will be directors with the other four drawn from a cross section of interests within the fancy. Ideally two of the group will be show managers, two judges and two exhibitors with at least one member having experience of showing at shows organised by other registering bodies.


The final composition of the group will be decided at the next meeting of the board on 9th September. In the meantime if you are interested in joining the group you are invited to contact me giving an indication of the experience that you would bring to the review and outlining any ideas you have for change. The chairman has given me the list of those who spoke to him after the council meeting offering their services but it would help if those people could contact me with an outline of their experience in terms of judging, managing shows, exhibiting  with GCCF and other bodies and also the breeds that they represent through breeding and showing.


If you have ideas for how the GCCF show structure should change but do not wish to be considered for membership of the group you are more than welcome to send me those ideas. All will be considered – now is the time to think outside the box to change the show scene for the better.


If you are selected for membership of the group you will be expected to attend at least two meetings in London, for which expenses will be paid, the rest of the work will be done as far as is possible by email. Dates for meetings will be for negotiation by the group when appointed bearing in mind the limited time scale set by Council. I am aiming to have an initial report for Council in October with final recommendations going to the board in time for the February Council agenda.


Expressions of interest or simply ideas for change should be sent to me at showreviewgroup@outlook.com


Keith Scruton
Vice-Chairman GCCF
30 July 2014


Resignation of GCCF Vice Chairman


Regrettably I have received a letter from Keith Scruton tendering his resignation as Vice Chairman with immediate effect.  Keith also states that he wishes to resign from the Show Structure Review Group and from the HR Working Group.  He does not wish to continue to collect data for the Cat and Prefix of the Year competitions either. 


I will consider who should replace Keith as chair of the Show Structure Review Group and what action to take on data collection for the two competitions and will advise you all once a decision is made.


Steve Crow
GCCF Chair

November 2014


Supreme Show 2014 Disqualification


Regrettably the GCCF has verified from the official website of Felikat, that an exhibitor broke the 13 day rule (SECTION 4:9) by attending the Felikat show on 16 November 2014 and the Supreme Show on 22 November 2014. As a result the following cats have been disqualified from the show: TIGANLEA DUKE EINAR, TIGANLEA KING GILLESPIE, MIGOTO’S YNGVE. Our procedures allow for the possibility of an appeal against these disqualification, once this period has elapsed further advice will follow.


Change of date for 2015 Supreme Show


Owing to circumstances beyond the control of the GCCF the NEC have advised that no halls are available for the 2015 Supreme Cat Show on the normal date, 21 November 2015.

Until yesterday (11 November 2014) it was being discussed about using an alternative, much less convenient hall on the original date, but the NEC advised that no halls were available. Although Council have instructed that no financial commitment is to be made to the NEC to reserve a date, we understand the NEC contracts always include a clause allowing the NEC to withdraw from the agreement prior to final booking and so would have made no difference to this situation.

The Board appreciates that moving the date of the Supreme is never going to be convenient for clubs as so many clubs plan their shows relative to the Supreme date and have commitments with venues in advance.

The Board does however have a mandate, reiterated at the October 2014 Council meeting, to run a Supreme Show and therefore an alternative date needed to be selected. As disruption could not be avoided, the Board needed to select a date that had the least impact. The Board has therefore selected Saturday 24 October as the date for the 2015 Supreme Show and has secured this date with the NEC.

The Board will leave the decision to the clubs themselves as to whether they wish to move their shows as a result. The Yorkshire Cat Club show and its associated clubs have applied to move from this weekend.

The NEC have confirmed that the third weekend in November will not be available going forward from this year. The Board will be considering its options for future years.


Mark Goadby
Office Manager
November 2014


Apologies for the delay in Shorthair Import Registrations


The GCCF would like to apologise to customers awaiting import registrations especially those with shorthair cats. Recent staff changes have impacted badly on this area but we are working to resolve the issue urgently.


Mark Goadby
November 2014


Changes to rules for registration and Change of register for cats over 2 years old


At the Council meeting on 22 October 2014, delegates agreed to changes to the rules Section 1 rules 1e and 4 relating to cats over 2 years of age. These changes will mean that a cat over 2 years of age can be registered on the non-active register without the need for Board approval nor require the additional fee in connection with such approval. Any cat over 2 years of age at time of first registration, or any cat over 2 years of age being changed from the non-active to the active register will require Board approval and will be subject to the fee in connection with such approval, currently £20.


Temporary Office Telephone Hours due to Staff Changes - Important - Customers please note


Holly has decided to accept a position with another organisation. She will be leaving us on 10 September. The GCCF thank her for her work during her time with us and wish her well in her career. This has left us with a staffing issue in September due to long booked annual leave. We will be operating with one registrar for some time during September. Whilst the remaining staff will be assisting where possible we ask for your patience and to ease things we will be only available on the telephone from 10am until 4pm temporarily during September, starting on Monday 08 September 2014. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we are planning changes to avoid a repeat in future.


Please note the telephone hours of 10am to 4pm have been extended to continue after September 2014 until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Mark Goadby
Office Manager

September 2014


Cat of the Year Competition


As part of the review of show structure I am trialling a BEST CAT OF THE YEAR & BEST PREFIX OF THE YEAR competition. Results will be announced and presentations made at the Gala Dinner to be held after the Suffolk & Norfolk show in May 2015.

In order to do this I need to make use of the show results published on the GCCF website. 1 point is awarded for best adult, kitten and neuter in each section with 3 for Best of Variety and 5 for Overall Best in Show pedigree. 1 point for Best Pedigree Pet and Best Non-Pedigree Pet with 3 points for Overall Best HHP. Double points will be awarded for Supreme show wins.
To enable me to do this I would appreciate show managers or whoever reports the result for the GCCF website providing full BIS results not just Best of Variety to make the competition fair to everyone. It would also reduce the time it takes me to transfer results to my spread sheet if the breed number and sex of the winners was included when reporting the BIS results.

Your co-operation in making this work would be appreciated.

Keith Scruton                                                    
GCCF Vice-Chairman

September 2014


Help Support Macmillan Cancer


'Team Agria' will be cycling 500+ miles over 3 days (and numerous mountains!) to help raise money for the excellent causes of 'Dogs for the Disabled' and 'Macmillan Cancer Support'.

Please encourage and support their efforts by sponsoring them at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/Agria_2014

They deserve it at the very least for the sore bottoms they will no doubt return with!


Mark Goadby

September 2014


Temporary Office Telephone Hours due to Staff Changes - Important - Customers please note


Holly has decided to accept a position with another organisation. She will be leaving us on 10 September. The GCCF thank her for her work during her time with us and wish her well in her career. This has left us with a staffing issue in September due to long booked annual leave. We will be operating with one registrar for some time during September. Whilst the remaining staff will be assisting where possible we ask for your patience and to ease things we will be only available on the telephone from 10am until 4pm temporarily during September, starting on Monday 08 September 2014. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we are planning changes to avoid a repeat in future.


EU Survey of Cat Breeders


The Directorate General for Health and Consumers of the European Commission has commissioned a study on the welfare of dogs and cats involved in commercial practices, in order to determine the extent to which the EU should take specific measures in line with the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality whilst ensuring the proper functioning of the internal market and import/export. In the light of the recent Cat Welfare Bill and on-going discussions on cat welfare within the EU Parliament, GCCF breeders may well wish to comment. Please see link http://sancodogandcat.izs.it/limesurvey/w/p/index.html which will take you to the site if you want to participate. The deadline for responses is 20th September 2014.

Steve Crow
GCCF Chair


September 2014


Update on IT Project


Please download the update from the Chairman


The GEMS System Updates


The GCCF is adopting FIFe's (Federation Internationale Feline) EMS (Easy Mind System) and plans to cease using the GCCF breed numbering system sometime in the latter part of 2015. Differences between GCCF and FIFe have required changes to FIFe EMS resulting in GEMS (GCCF EMS). The two systems are very similar and it is likely that eventually GEMS will be one of several compatible "flavours" of EMS.


The following general principles are used throughout GEMS:



03 ("Bicolour") is the default code for breeds with white spotting, that is, where there is a colour "& White" (including Tortie and white) except for Norwegian Forest Cats where the default amount of white is 09.


09 ("with White") usage in GEMS is "any other amount of white" (i.e. not 01 to 05).


All tabby cats that are also pointed or "high white" (01 or 02) use tabby code 21


Eye colour must be included in a cat's GEMS code for:




All white and "high white" cats, except for pointed high white cats where Siamese eye colour (67) is assumed.




Any cats where eye colour determines show class (e.g. Chinchilla vs Cameo)


Most GCCF breed numbers have now been translated to GEMS (GCCF EMS) codes. However work is continuing on various aspects of GEMS so the documentation published by the GCCF is periodically updated. The following links may prove helpful:



Summer News & Views – Out Now!


The 2014 Summer Edition of News & Views is available now. Please pick up a copy FREE from a GCCF licensed show or POST FREE from the office, just telephone, email or post your request to us.


August 2014


Possible changes to the movement of animals over borders


DEFRA is concerned about the rise in false documentation for animals being moved from country to country. The documentation itself may be amended slightly in the future to try to prevent fraud and animal tracking. DEFRA are looking at this with the border authorities. The legitimate moving of animals should be unaffected. When we have more information we will post further notices.


16 May 2014


Withdrawal of Asian Variant Proposal


Following discussions at the meeting of the Board of Directors on 18 February 2014 the above item has been withdrawn from the agenda of the meeting of Council on 26 February 2014.

M. Goadby
Office Manager

20 February 2014


Breeder Scheme subscriptions


Breeder Scheme Members – March 1/4.

Annual Subscriptions Now Due for Renewal.

Annual Subscription - £20.00
Payable each year, for your main breed.
Includes link to your website and one kitten list entry.


Additional Breed Listings - £5.00
Includes link to your website and one kitten list entry.


GCCF Strategic and Business Plan for 2014


The GCCF Strategic Plan & Business Plan 2014 is here for information and comment.  The Plan will be presented to the February Council meeting for ratification.  


January 2014


New telephone system at the office


The new telephone system equipment has been fitted at the office.

This has call routing included to reduce lost time for the customers trying to get the person they wish to speak to.

After a general greeting that notes that "calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes" you will have the following options:
Press 1 for a Registrar
Press 2 for the Shows Team
And up until 2pm
Press 3 for the cash office
Or hold the line to speak to any member of staff

If you press 1 there is a further choice of which registrar to speak to as follows:
Press 1 for any Registrar
Press 2 for the Shorthair Registrar
Press 3 for the Longhair Registrar
And after 2pm
Press 4 for the Siamese and Burmese Registrar


The Domestic Cat Book Launch


The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy is very pleased to offer for sale the latest edition of “The Domestic Cat”. .Anne Gregory, Steve Crow and Hilary Dean researched and collaborated to contribute a chapter on Cat Shows. A brief guide to the book can be found here.


Change to date for use of GEMS in show paperwork


Change to date for use of GEMS in show paperwork


At the Board of Directors Meeting on 08 October 2013 discussions revealed that the direct translation of the GCCF breed numbers to GEMS had resulted in some inconsistencies that needed to be resolved.


With that in mind  and comments received from Show Managers it was agreed to postpone the previously indicated date to change shows over to GEMS. This will therefore not take place on 01 January 2014. The Board will review the situation and issue a new date for changeover in due course. Some background to this will be available at the Council Meeting on 23 October.


Any comments or advice the Show Mangers would like to offer on the subject should be emailed to the office by reply to this email and this will be forwarded to the Board as background for the future decision on a new date.


Note: Apologies for the recent email to show managers and secretaries with this information that showed 01 January 2013 which should have been 01 January 2014.


Mark Goadby
October 2013


New Format Certified Pedigrees


The GCCF has launched a new range of colourful certified pedigrees available in A4 and A3 formats in paper or laminated form. These can be ordered online for breeders who are already signed up to the online services or by post or telephone from the office. Click here for details.


Excess 4 week free Insurance Booklets


It has been brought to the attention of the GCCF that some regular breeders are extremely concerned that they are ending up with large quantities of 4 week Free insurance booklets. The GCCF appreciates this is frustrating for some Breeders and not environmentally friendly. The GCCF are working with Agria to develop alternative means for sign up of the 4 week free insurance but this will take some weeks to put into place. In the meantime we would ask you to put any excess booklets into your paper recycling. We would also like to note that there is no direct cost to the GCCF for the booklets production or posting. The practicalities of the working relationship with Agria are still at an early stage and therefore your cooperation while the insurance services are refined is most appreciated.


Mark Goadby
Office Manager

June 2013


Publication of Judges Reports


Judges can directly authorise any person to use their particular Judge Report wherever they choose. What cannot be permitted is the taking of material from the GCCF website and used elsewhere by a 3rd party.


This is because the report is copyright to the judge who wrote it. The GCCF website is copyright to the GCCF.  Judges through acceptance of an engagement accept the GCCF may make use of the reports as they see fit within the remit of the GCCF sphere of operations.


These are the general rules around their use stemming from common law and the GCCF rules and guidelines in various forms.


If there is a particular situation you are concerned about please email the office.


Mark Goadby
Office Manager

June 2013


Club Rules Review by The Board


It has been asked by a few clubs, if they need to have their rule approved by the GCCF before going to their members. This is not the case. In order to clarify the situation we would note the following: The Board will be reviewing the rules of clubs to ensure they don’t spot anything that might give a club a problem. Having said that the Board has a significant workload this year and I cannot confirm when this might be. A Club’s rules are their responsibility. This is not an approval process before Club acceptance. The Board is not able to meet such deadlines anyway. After review at some point, there will be a letter or email saying either “we reviewed your rules and would comment as follows:” or “We have reviewed your rules and have no comments to make.” The Clubs should therefore proceed as normal just now and present any changes to your members and send them along to us after that and we will review them in due course.


Mark Goadby
March 2013


Mid Year Review of Business Plan


Please find the mid-year review of the 2013 Business Plan here


Problems due to Incorrect Postage


Unfortunately we are receiving a significant number of envelopes with incorrect postage. In such cases we pay a premium to the Royal Mail to still receive them and charge this back to the sender. It does also mean the Royal Mail delay delivery until payment is made. Whilst we send payment by return to the Royal Mail it can delay the packages for up to a week. We therefore ask customers to ensure they have used the correct postage for their benefit in ensuring a swift processing of their application.


January 2013


Judge invitations


Judges should not accept invitations to judge the same Breed, Grand, Imperial, Olympian Intermediate or Assessment classes too frequently, or in similar catchment areas, as that can impact on show entries and is unfair to show managers and exhibitors.This is particularly important in more remote regions such as Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Isles and South West England.


January 2013


Household Pet Judges


A large number of Household Pet/Pedigree Pet exhibitors have formed a group on Facebook - Non- Pedigree & Pedigree Pet Cat Group. The main concern is the non publishing of reports by judges in that section. Their aim is to address that problem by initiating a list of these judges and circulating it to Show Managers. They realise that judges in this section do not normally receive expenses etc, but feel that it is an honour to be invited to judge and therefore if this is an issue with judges, those judges should decline the invitation.


Judges listed will only be those judges who are regularly invited to judge within this section.


Admins of this are:-
Mrs. L Szwed – Sheltie@fsmail.net
Miss. C Walker – carolw@blueyonder.co.uk
Mrs. B Prowse - barbaraprowse@hotmail.com


Any issues or questions please email the admins.


Barbara Prowse
December 2012


Information for Show Managers and Judges


Please note that from the 28th October 2012 teenaged candidates at the Advanced Level of the GCCF YES! Programme can become Junior Members of the Guild of GCCF Judges & Stewards. They will not have a vote at meetings but can join the GCCF Stewarding Scheme and can steward for judges at shows. Young people under the age of 16 who are not at the Advanced Level of the YES! programme ARE NOT ABLE TO STEWARD (but can second steward) AS THEY WILL NOT BE INSURED. All qualified YES! candidates will be wearing the appropriate badge to identify them.


Information for Judges, Stewards & BAC Secretaries regarding the new Stewarding Programme


All information regarding the New Stewarding Programme is posted on the Judges’ Guild website at http://gccfjudgesguild.org.uk/. There is also full information posted on the GCCF website at www.gccfcats.org/judging.html and this information can be printed off for all BAC representatives.

PLEASE NOTE THAT UNDER THE NEW GCCF STEWARDING SCHEME AGREED IN COUNCIL, RULES 5 AND 17 IN THE GCCF RULES OF PROCEDURE OF THE GCCF JUDGE APPOINTMENT SCHEME 2009 NO LONGER APPLY. The only exception is for candidates who had progressed to the final stages of the original stewarding scheme and they were able to continue through the process to gain their GCCF Stewarding Badge as no candidate should be disadvantaged.

The BAC Rules of Procedure for the Selection of Judges 2009 now goes from Rule 16 a – dviii and then to Rules 18 and 19 which refer to the application and working through the stewarding section of the judge appointment scheme where first time applicants prepare to become a Probationer Judge of the appropriate breed.

Please note that the GCCF Guidance Notes for Stewards and the Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct for GCCF Judges have been updated and are available for download from the Guild and GCCF websites.

If there are any aspects of the GCCF Stewarding or Judge Appointment Schemes that you do not understand or that you would like clarified, please contact the Secretary of the Guild for assistance via judgesguild@yahoo.co.uk – The Guild is there to guide and support all judges and stewards and is more than willing to help any BAC too as they support candidates through the scheme.


GCCF Pet Insurance Guide for Cat Owners


A new GCCF information leaflet has been published to help cat owners make informed decisions when choosing a cat insurance policy. The guide includes an overview of the main types of cover along with some things to consider when looking at alternative policies.

Download the Guide


Bristol University Cat Study


Bristol University would appreciate a small amount of time as help from cat owners in the Cat Fancy. For details see here


Kitten Guide for all new owners


A Kitten Guide has been produced and will be sent out to breeders by the GCCF Office with all kitten registrations with immediate effect. These are to be passed on to new owners as extra support and advice.

This is a trial which will be assessed by the Board and feedback from breeders and new kitten owners is welcomed.


Recognition of Shorthaired Somalis



At the Council Meeting on Wednesday 22nd February 2012 the Preliminary Recognition of Shorthaired Somalis was agreed by a large majority.


The list of judges is the current list of full judges for the breed.


For the moment, exhibitors are asked to use the 63v breed number as found on their registration/transfer form when exhibiting Shorthaired Somalis until such time as the GCCF Office can implement 63L and 63S on computer.


Shorthaired Somalis can be exhibited in Assessment Classes in the Semi-Longhaired Section for AC Shorthaired Somali as soon as practical for show managers and will be making their debut at the Somali Cat Club and Semi-Longhair Cat Association’s Joint Show on Saturday 17th March 2012.


1. General type standard for the Somali – 63L & 63S
2. Registration Policy for Somalis 63L & 63S


Full information on the Somali BAC, its Officers, Judges and Breeding Policy can be found at www.somalibac.co.uk


News and Views


News & Views




A new initiative for the GCCF - please pass on this information to your friends without computer/internet access


Coming very shortly to a show near you.....


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Judge and Steward Badges


Please note badges must be requested from the office giving clear details of the correct name (including spelling) to be shown on the badge.


Please also note that correction of errors made in this request may result in a charge being made for a replacement badge.


August 2011


Registration Query Process Revision


Queries on registrations requiring a judgement by the Executive Committee will in future be circulated to the Committee shortly after the query is raised. For example; the registering of a cat over two years old. The Executive Committee will then consider the matter outside the formal meeting process and record the judgement in the next meeting minutes. The change in this process has been proposed to speed up resolving queries that arise. Please note that the Executive Committee reserves the right to defer the matter to the next meeting without further explanation if it feels debate in the meeting forum is required. Please also note that when a registration query is requested to be taken to the Executive Committee for a judgement by the applicant, a charge will be made in advance (see GCCF price list) to cover the costs of submitting this.

March 2012


New printing/copying facilities at the GCCF office


Southwest Digital Systems Ltd

The GCCF are pleased to announce that they have engaged SDS of Edington, Somerset as their supplier and maintainer of enhanced printing/copying/scanning facilities at the Bridgwater office. This will enable the GCCF to improve the quality and expand its range of printed materials. The scanning features will help the move to a more paperless operation in the office. This will all be done at lower cost than the previous contract. The cost to the GCCF has been further reduced by the very generous donation of £5000 towards the cost from a member of the Cat Fancy who wishes to remain anonymous. The Executive Committee wishes to publicly thank the person for their support of the GCCF as it moves forward with improving its services and hopes this will encourage others in the Cat Fancy to contribute in such a selfless way. Two of the previous GCCF Ricoh black and white photocopiers (AFICIO 1027 & 1018D) are available to any member of the cat fancy under certain terms. If you are interested please contact the office for details.


Mark Goadby


March 2011