GCCF Price List


Please note

The office hours for telephone enquiries have changed temporarily to 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday from September 2014 until further notice


Abolition of Card Payment Fee

At the meeting of the Board of Directors on 08 May 2012, the Board decided to abolish the card payment fee with effect from Monday 14 May 2012 so that those customers paying by card do not appear to pay more for the services provided. The charges made to the GCCF for providing this service will be deemed to be included in the fees charged by the GCCF.


The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy is a “not for profit” organisation. For those not familiar with the term this does not mean it makes no profit but rather it seeks to generate a small surplus each year which is used to invest in the business to expand and/or improve its services to its customers. Whilst the GCCF is looking at all ways of generating income in order to limit the fees it needs to charge its customers, these charges for services are necessary and are shown below.


1. By cheque payable to “The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy”.

2. The GCCF will happily take card payments. Simply mark on the application form or include a note with your registration or transfer to say you wish to pay by card. The onus is on you, the applicant, to phone the office to make the payment. Please allow 3 working days from sending in your application before telephoning the Office. For main office opening hours please see the Contacts page.

3. By Postal Order from the Post Office. The Post Office normally charge for this service. See Post Office information for details.


Please note that applications cannot be processed until full payment is received.


The Cash Office is normally open between the hours of 9.00 am to 1.00 pm Monday to Friday. After 1.00pm the GCCF Office staff will take card details for the Cash Office to process the following morning (hours revised 10/10/12).


The GCCF Policy on Pricing:
The GCCF will set its prices at a level that provides income to at least cover its costs, with due recognition of all financial factors in place at the time. Prices will be reviewed as appropriate. After review by the Board, individual prices may rise, may fall or remain at the same level.


Download the current price list


The following are available free from the GCCF Office on receipt of a stamped self-addressed envelope:


Registration application forms

Transfer application forms

Prefix application forms NB - You must be a member of a GCCF Affiliated Club to obtain a Prefix

Certificate of Entirety forms

List of affiliated Club secretaries


Most of the forms and leaflets can be downloaded from here


Increased fee for returned cheques

Following a review of the process involved in resolving payment where a cheque has been returned by the bank, it has been necessary to increase the fee payable for this to £20 to cover the costs of the work involved.