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Hall Hire Agreements and current GCCF Insurance cover for cat shows

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It has been pointed out that some show managers are not making exhibitors aware of Judge Changes at shows in advance of show day. A reminder will be published within the Show Managers Information that any changes to Judges that happen in advance of show day should be published on the GCCF Website.



In light of recent events, shows must ensure that first aid facilities are available at their shows in accordance with the law.


Eligiblity to Judge Title Classes - in pdf format


List of Judges - in pdf format


Non GCCF Judge List - in pdf format (March 2015)


Exotic SH and Maine Coon breed numbers - in .pdf format - as circulated April 2008


Breed Club Shows - Breeds Allowed - .pdf format (March 2012)


Vetting in Pilot Scheme - documentation


Duty Vet Log (November 2012)


Judges Code of Conduct - further update since March 2005 for information


Non-GCCF Judge Appointment Form - in pdf format - (March 2015)


Please do not allow information published in your last show's schedule, entry form and catalogue to be reprinted without checking it thoroughly. Previous show schedules, entry forms and catalogues may contain information which has become outdated or revised. It must not be assumed that the information contained here is exactly the same as previous years.


Show Certificate Returns Form 2012

YES! Young Exhibitors' Scheme

Show Managers are reminded the forms for Judges to complete for the YES! Presentations should be obtained from the GCCF Office when applying for Show Certificates etc. Some candidates have now reached Intermediate status. If you have a candidate undertaking a presentation at Intermediate Level please contact as the new forms are now underway.

Rosettes for the YES! Presentations are obtainable free of charge from Richardson Designs.

If you have any queries regarding the YES! Programme please refer to the website which has full information regarding the Scheme and the way it can be supported by clubs and Show Managers or refer to the Liaison Officer, Anne Gregory at